Publications dans Circuit Cellar

Liste exhaustive des articles que j’ai publiés dans Circuit Cellar, rubrique « The Darker Side » (en anglais) :

02/2021367Understanding proper PCB design – 4 layer board design
12/2020365Voltage-level translation techniques
10/2020363An introduction to stub filters
08/2020361Making Heads or Tails of RMS measurements
06/2020359A look at home-made TCXO’s
04/2020357DSSS in a nutshelll
02/2020355Group delay basics
12/2019353Near field probes
10/2019351An introduction to antenna arrays
08/2019349The fundamentals of Fuseology
06/2019347dBs for dummies
04/2019345The Art of Current Probing
02/2019343The Art of Voltage Probing
12/2018341Do you speak JTAG ?
10/2018339Hybrid Couplers 101
08/2018337Pitfalls of Filtering Pulsed Signals
06/2018335PCB Ground Planes
04/2018333Component Tolerance
02/2018331Shannon and Noise
12/2017329Information Theory in a Nutshell
10/2017327Antenna Performance Measurement Made Easy
08/2017325Fully Differential Amplifiers
06/2017323Vintage Programming Languages
04/2017321C0G, X7R, Y5V All Ceramic Capacitors Aren’t Equal
02/2017319Impedance Matching Fundamentals
12/2016317Decoupling Capacitors and RLC Networks
10/2016315Long-Range RF for the IoT (Part 2)
08/2016313Long-Range RF for the IoT (Part 1)
06/2016311Random Numbers
06/2016311Engineering, Consulting, & Nonstop Innovation
04/2016309Digital Line Terminations
02/2016307Analog Filter Essentials
12/2015305Op-Amps and Capacitive Loads
10/2015303How to select an Operational Amplifier
08/2015301Vintage Electronics Calculator
06/2015299Correlation Techniques
04/2015297Let’s play with Electrostatic Discharge
02/2015295Let’s Count Errors
12/2014293Do you speak I/Q?
10/2014291RF Connectors
08/2014289Shielding Experiments
06/2014287Voltage Step-Up Techniques
04/2014285Pulse-Shaping Basics
02/2014283Dielectric Absorption
12/2013281Amplifier  Classes from A to H
10/2013279Bipolar Transistor Biasing
08/2013277Simulate and Design a Switched-Capacitor Filter
06/2013275UML State Machines
04/2013273Analyzing a case of the Jitters
02/2013271Introduction to standing waves
01/201325th25 mistakes you will make at least once
12/2012269Locked In
10/201267Introduction to IIR Filters
08/2012265System-Level RF Design
06/2012263Radio Frequency Mixers
04/2012261Sigma-Delta Modulators 101
02/2012259Playing with High-Speed ADCs
12/2011257CE Marking : A process to Ensure Product Conformity
10/2011255Line-Coding Techniques
08/2011253RF and High-Speed PCBs
06/2011251Stay Cool !
04/2011249Noise Figures 101
02/2011247Don’t Fade Away
12/2010245Parasitic components, or when capacitors behave like inductors<
10/2010243A tour of the Lab (Part 2)
08/2010241A tour of the Lab (Part 1)
06/2010239DC/DC Converters Basics
04/2010237Picoammeter Design
02/2010235Living with errors : an introduction to forward error correction
12/2009233Digital modulations demystified
10/2009231Multirate processing and CIC filters
08/2009229Power Analysis Primer
06/2009227High-speed signal transmission
04/2009225Time domain reflectometruy
02/2009223Microstrip techniques
12/2008221PID control without math
10/2008219Cable shielding experiments
08/2008217Direct Digital Synthesis 101
04/2008213Low power techniques
02/2008211Antenna basics
12/2007209Are you locked ? A PLL primer
10/2007207No fear with FIR, put a FI filter to work
08/2007205Let’s play with EMI

Quelques autres articles que j’ai publié dans la même revue avant le lancement de la rubrique The Darker Side :

07/2004168Easy Reflow, built an SMT reflow oven controller
01/2004162Smart Tracker 2, The innovative wire tracker
09/2003158XY-Plotter, Drive High-Resolution LCDs for less
12/2002149Vector’Soc, A 1GHz vectorial network analyzer
02/2002139A tracking lab power supply
07/2001132Scan-3D, An award-winning 3-D telemeter project
05/2001130DDS-GEN, A high-performance DDS generator 2/2
04/2001129DDS-GEN, A high-performance DDS generator 1/2
01/2000114Neural’Stamp, a low-cost neural network processor
09/199898PIC’Spectrum, a low cost audio spectrum analyzer

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