Quelques témoignages reçus suite à mes publications. Merci à tous !

More than anyone since the early days of my own career, Bob Lacoste is a one-man electronics design factory. The knowledge he brings to the table in contest entries and Circuit Cellar articles raises the competitive bar for all other engineers.

Steve Ciarcia, Publisher, Circuit Cellar Magazine, USA

Congratulations on excellent work. Keep the Flame Burning.”

Sudhir Gupta, MCI Journal

« I enjoy reading the magazine, but your article is the first one that I have ever really understood. Thank You again for writing such a sensational article.”

George Brewer, USA

« Your article is dripping with intelligence and determination. it was an eye opener to read. You are to be commended for putting it all together. for someone trying to learn how to use a PIC as a video source it is inspiring »

Bob Weir, USA

« Thank you very much for your fine article that was recently published in CIRCUIT CELLAR. […] Again, thank you very much for sharing a very well-done and inovative project! »

Steve Hadfield, Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation,,Salt Lake City, USA

« I read your write-up in Circuit Cellar (December 02) describing your vector network analyzer. I enjoyed it immensely, learned a lot, and was very impressed with the design. Thanks for publishing the article. »

Larry Coyle, LCB Systems, USA

Your design was the reason I signed up to a Circuit Cellar subscription in the first place. I accidentally came across a copy at work.”

Svein Henriksen, Norway

The low-cost reflow oven is a fantastic project. Again, thank you so much for your wonderful design idea!”

Teemu Korpiaho, Tampere, Finland

 » I’m a student from Colombia and a big admirer of your work.”

Felipe Olmos Pardo, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia

« I saw circuit cellar’s page regarding your I2C MMI chip and was very impressed. Congratulations ! « 

Rodolfo Magnus

« All I can say is you are the « Einstein » of embedded systems »

Rahul Sapre, India

« On behalf of the editorial staff, I want to thank you for your amazing contribution to Circuit Cellar. We are amazed by the quality of work that you complete for us.“

C.J. Abate, Managing Editor, Circuit Cellar, USA

Congratulate you on your fantastic design !  It’s inspired !”

Juan Rivera, USA

« I enjoyed your most informative “Darker Side” article on FIR Filters this month in Circuit Cellar. I have a much better understanding of the FIR filter mechanism than ever before »

Jim Leftwich, USA

« I have to say, your doing such a great job with your articles. I have been finding the magazine a little dry and sparse for the past two years, but lately your articles have really kept my interest in the magazine. I love your approach to DSP. I hope more related articles like the « No Fear With FIR » are to come. Keep up the great work! Thanks! »

Eric Fernandez, Computer ingineering student, California State University, USA

« I read your FIR article in Circuit Cellar today and I just had to compliment you on it.  It is an EXCELLENT article!  I learned a huge amount from it and I can honestly say I understand how an FIR filter works now.  Authors who can relate mathematical concepts to real world application examples as you did in the article are a rare find »

Jeff Heiss

Nice work in your latest circuit cellar article « No Fear with FIR ». I took a signals class many years ago and your article taught me more than I remembered from the class.“

Chris Coulston

I have read you article abou FIR Filters on CC #207 and I found it very good, as it deal with real implementation aspects. “

Felipe Uderman

I enjoyed reading your article on Phase Locked Loops in December 2007 Circuit Cellar. It brought me back to the days when I used to do a lot more RF design and development work. And my first UHF PLL was about 25 years ago running at about 900 Mhz.“

Charles Kosina, Director, CSE Systems Pty Ltd, Australia

I read your article in my subscription of Circuit Cellar with great enthusiasm and I wanted to say it is an EXCELLENT article. I learned a huge amount. I really like how you focus on real, existing, examples and present the theory behind it in a clear format. “

Jeff heiss, USA

« Robert,I’m writing from the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, California. I want to you to know that two people who passed our booth yesterday told me how much they are enjoying your columns. One of them stopped over very quickly and said the he thought your “Low-Power Techniques” column in Issue 213 was one of the most helpful articles that he has read in years! Thank you, Robert!“

C.J. Abate, Managing Editor, Circuit Cellar, USA

« Thank you for contributing the terrific article on low-power techniques in the April issue of Circuit Cellar. I appreciate your systematic approach to minimizing energy consumption and the many good ideas presented. “

Alan Westwick, Design Manager, MCU Products, Silicon Laboratories, Inc.

« Hi Robert… I´m an international Circuit Cellar reader, from Brazil.The first time that I read the Darker Side i thought… OOhhh, this guys is a mentor… Keep writing article like this… The Darker Side = Awesome“

Bruno Muswieck, Brazil

« I was VERY impressed with your article ‘Low-Power techniques’ in Aprils Circuit Cellar. Very useful and also well written (unusual in our business)“

Simon Clegg, MicroWatt – Consulting Electronics Engineers, UK

« Your article on crystals is excellent.  I had a very basic understanding from school, but your article filled in a lot of gaps.“

Don Jackson, General Manager – R4 Systems Inc., USA

« Thank you for your recent article on PID loops. I am an industrial controls engineer working on many system that incorporate the PID loop control. I have been using them for over 20 years now and can practically tune a loop in my sleep. And on some of those late night start-up that’s not far from the truth. I enjoyed reading your article and you give a very good and clear description of the PID loop.“

Jack Blum, USA

« I enjoyed reading your article « PID Control Without Math ». I started reading it to look for technical errors, which is how I usually approach control systems articles in trade magazines. But when I got to the middle of your second paragraph I decided that it had to be a good article (so you see what citations do for you!).“

Tim Wescott, Wescott Design Services, USA

Just wanted to say that I have really been enjoying the darker side as you have done a great job of taking scary complex stuff and explaining it in a way that is really effective. A lot of important analog stuff is glossed over in a world where things are seen as digital but in reality are still very dependent on handling analog type behaviour. Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to your next article!!“

Peter Stephens, Australia

I enjoy reading The Darker Side in Circuit Cellar very much. I believe myself to be a well-rounded professional in the embedded systems area and get slightly annoyed at the technical errors in some of the other author’s work. You, however, obviously know what you’re talking about, and write about it in an accessible way.“

Graham Davies, http://www.ecrostech.com

Just wanted to say thanks for the artical on High-Speed Signal Transmission. I work here at the University of Alberta taking care of a communications lab and think that students seeing EYE traces on a scope and seeing how to improve ISI is a good idea. Because of your artical I’m going to bring it up with the prof’s. Even if its not approved for the course I hope you don’t mind if I put the artical up in the lab. Again thanks and I hope to read more or your stuff.“

Steve Drake, University of Alberta

« Every one of Robert Lacoste’s The Darker Side articles gets my undivided attention as soon as the magazine appears in my mailbox. His ability to present, demystify and apply complex concepts is remarkable. Keep up the good work, Robert!”

Dale Wheat, Freelance Writer, USA

« In your articles, you always talk about subjects “from the dark side”, but after read it the subjects are on “white side”, it’s so nice to read and well explained, and this what I call intelligence, making something hard become easy to understand, once again congratulations.“

Bruno Muswieck, Research and Development Manager, Eletroeste Electric Material & Energetic Consulting – Brazil

« I just finished reading your very interesting and educational article “Multirate Techniques and CIC Filters” on the October issue of Circuit Cellar, I have read some your previous articles and found them to be just as interesting and intuitive as this one; keep them coming!!“

Carlos Barberis, Bartek Technologies, USA

« I have just finished reading (and studying) your articles entitled « Multirate Techniques and CIC Filters » and « Digital Modulation Demystified » in Circuit Cellar magazine. I really must express my appreciation. These articles are masterfully written and filled with useful information. I have learned much while reading them. This type of high-quality content is what places Circuit Cellar way ahead of the competition in engineering periodicals. Once again, thanks!“

Bob Dvorak, Design Engineer, Lincoln, NE USA

 » Every one of Robert Lacoste’s The Darker Side articles gets my undivided attention as soon as the magazine appears in my mailbox.  His ability to present, demystify and apply complex concepts is remarkable.  Keep up the good work, Robert!”

 Dale Wheat, Freelance writer, Dallas, USA

« Robert, thanks for the FEC article, but in particular for the sentence starting « Eb/N0 = 6db means… » – the bit in brackets is doubtless trivial and obvious, but for me a sudden revelation. Suddenly all the maths I did years ago makes sense. I knew how to « do the sums » but they didn’t mean anything. Hard to explain what my mental block was, but now it’s sorted. Thanks again – keep up the good work! »

Peter Ellefsen, UK

«the article by Robert Lacoste was probably one of the best I have ever read on simplifying digital modulation down to its basics. Somehow Robert was able to make this quite clear in only a few pages!! This is amazing given the number of books on my shelves covering this subject along with my years of experience in this field. I look forward to future articles along these lines. Throughout the years I have read Robert’s articles and think that he has an innate ability to take sometimes difficult subjects and reduce them down to an easy to understand few pages. Thank you and keep up the great work!  » 

Dan King, Analog Device, USA

« I have been reading your articles over the past couple of years and look forward to every one and brought your recent book as an ideal reference guide to the darker elements that you so gracefully enlighten »

Rob Green

« Thanks for the great article! I always enjoy reading your Darker Side entries in Circuit Cellar. I’m always amazed at how exciting it is to review and relearning what are the fundamentals of Electrical Engineering.

Again Thank you! Your teaching resonate with me! »

Joseph Tomashik, Balogh T.A.G. ,Corp. , U.S.A.

« [Robert Lacoste’s The Darker Side] is an awesome design book! It has a wealth of practical knowledge on many key topics in electrical engineering and is well worth reading from cover to cover. »

John J. Shea, IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine, November-December 2010, 26 , Issue:6, p66

« As a long time reader of Circuit Cellar Magazine, I have seen many authors come and go; most of them excellent, none bad. Robert, in my opinion, is in the ‘excellent’ category. »

D. Comer, USA

« I’m an Italian reader of Circuit of Cellar and a very enthusiast reader of The Darker Side. I’think that your articles are best electronics text that I never read. You have the very rare capacity to explain hard arguments in clear mode; but I think that you know that! »

Luca Abbo, Genova, Italy

« I just finished your excellent article on noise figures, and because of it, I have renewed my subscription to Circuit Cellar for two years. Tonight I also ordered your book from Amazon. Thank you»

W. Corbin Lee, USA

« It’s refreshing when the content of a book doesn’t treat you like a child. I’m going to be re-reading this book for a long time. This author definately knows circuit design. I won’t be skimming through this one. »


« Thank you for your excellent article « PID Control Without Math » and the great examples of the program » Scilab.

Krzysztof Pastuszak, Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten, Germany

« Great article about line coding techniques! I think you covered all the important details! »

Jeremy Clark, www.clarktelecommunications.com, Canada

« Thank-you so much for the article on CE markings you authored in Circuit cellar. The material you create is always at a high benchmark. « 

Max Stringer

« LOVED your Circuit Cellar articles. It was the only reason I subscribed to it. [] I find myself rereading your old articles over and over. « 

Michael Craft, Urbana University , Adjunct professor – USA

« I’ve been working with your picoammeter circuit from the April 2010 issue of Circuit Cellar. It is being used to measure the sleep current of a custom MCU board, which is around 30nA. I’ve been running the ammeter in the 1999nA range with excellent results. »

Dave Stensland, Applications Engineer, Widetronix, Inc. USA

« I have been a long-time reader of your circuit-cellar column, and have learned much from your work. However, with the recent article on high-speed ADCs you have done what I would have considered impossible – it is if the article was written to address the specific design challenge I’m facing at this exact moment, and provides a tailor-made solution. [] Your advice was invaluable. Thank you again for tackling the « tough » subjects. Your help is exceedingly timely. »

Vadim Vaynerman, USA

« I have read and used much of the material in Roberts book. I recommend it as required reading by all engineers. I have verified the accuracy and content of the FIR filters and use of Scilab for the digital modulations. Robert is at the top of World Class Engineers, especially for those who apply this work into practice every day. Thanks Robert. »

Michael Stolzle, Amazon feedbacks

« It’s refreshing when the content of a book doesn’t treat you like a child. I’m going to be re-reading this book for a long time. This author definitively knows circuit design. I won’t be skimming through this one.”

Amazon feedbacks

As a long time reader of Circuit Cellar Magazine, I have seen many authors come and go; most of them excellent, none bad. Robert, in my opinion, is in the ‘excellent’ category.”

Amazon feedbacks

I really enjoyed your latest article on IIR filters in the October issue of Circuit Cellar 2012. I really think you did an amazing job at making it « understandable » and I got it. Thanks a lot. »

Bruno Couillard, P. Eng.

President & CTO, BC5 Technologies, Inc., Canada

« Robert Lacoste is a first-rate electrical engineer, editor, and author whose regular Circuit Cellar magazine column, « The Darker Side, » has been a reader favorite since 2007. He has the amazing ability to clarify some of the most hard-to-understand electrical engineering topics for his readers, who range from seasoned professional engineers to academics and students. He’s one part innovator, one part problem solver, and one part educator. And this is why so many engineers look forward to each of his articles. Simply put, Robert is an « engineer’s engineer, » the rare sort of technical expert who educates, inspires, and amazes professionals and academics with his grasp of EE theory, design, and programming. And thus our organization feels he has the talent to educate and excite the world’s best pro engineers and programmers. »

CJ Abate, Editor in Chief, Circuit Cellar, USA

I am just now getting around to reading your article on Radio Frequency Mixers in June’s Circuit Cellar. What a great article you wrote! I am more a digital guy but recently took up the hobby of collecting restoring old tube & transistor radios and came across the terms « super-hetrodyne », « local oscillator », »IF Coils » etc. Your article helped me make sense of it all. And I was blown away to think a long forgotten trigonometric formula was actually useful! Thanks again.”

John Keenan, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

I just wanted to drop you a note telling you how much I enjoyed your Introduction to IIR Filters article. You did an excellent job conveying the information on a topic I’ve been meaning to dig into for ages. Thank you very much. I look forward to your articles in Circuit Cellar. Easily my favorite part of the magazine.”

Armand Sperduti, INTAQ, USA

I am working on a PID based temperature controller for a heating application. I read your article about PID control for a soldering iron and I have to admit sir, that it was one of the best ones I read that taught the concept.”

Raghav Abboy, Electronics and Communication Engineering student, Bangalore, India

On sent derrière tout cela une passion sans limite, et surtout une envie de partager d’une générosité sans bornes. Merci et bravo.”

Jean-Marie Jungers, fr.sci.electronique

I always look forward to your articles; they seem to manage to provide as much or as little as
one wants to absorb and wipe away the « Ooh, that’s probably too difficult, I’ll find another way » objections. Often all it needs is for someone to explain the links between the things that we already know, or the « other » views of them, in order to suddenly be able to understand and model it in the mind.
Thanks, Robert.”

Peter Ellefsen, Pan Technology, UK

« I REALLY enjoyed your October article back to basics with transistor amplifiers. I have been dealing in digital for so long where signal gates are either driven to cut-off or to saturation that I have forgotten the amplifier characteristics in between. While it is much too late, I wish you could have covered, as simply and illustratively, certain areas of calculus that eluded me in my college years studying various Electrical Engineering courses! »

John Meyer, Rohrback Cosasco Systems, USA

« I’m an electrical teacher of a technical school from Uruguay- South America. I was reading the article that you have wrote in Circuit Cellar magazine about Bipolar Transistor Biasing, it was a helpful article to use in my classes. Thank you to share it. »

Alvaro Mautone

« Just dropping you a note to say thanks for the great Circuit Cellar, ‘Pulse-Shaping Basics’ article! I’ve heard all this in college and since, (~30 years), and never had it all put together so nicely that I actually -get it-, until now. Thanks a lot »

Keith Cress, Flamin Systems, USA

« I just wanted to thank you for writing your book and publishing all of the articles in CC. I have used almost all of your engineering conclusions and methods in my embedded work. All of my engineering friends read and use them as well. »

Michael Stolzle

« I enjoy reading your articles at Circuit cellar, thank you very much. »

Jack Benyamin, JB-Sys, Israel

« Dear Robert Lacoste, I want to thank you for the article you wrote for Circuit Cellar, « Do You Speak I/Q? » (…). Your article has the best explanation that I have seen so far. »

Rick Phillips, WA9MTH, USA

« I have been a reader of your Circuit Cellar column for years. My electronic skills are only intermediate, but I always learn something from your article, and each opens my mind, giving me more to think about and explore. I deeply respect your passion and I thank you for your contributions to this fine magazine. »

Joe B., USA

« Thanks for the article on Correlation Techniques in Circuit Cellar. It gave me one of those some what rare aha moments. It’s a rare talent to understand a topic so completely and be able to explain it . Thank you for sharing your talents. »

John Braff, USA

« Your articles are the only reason I read Circuit Cellar ! Merci for your excellent, understandable writing! Best Regards, from your #1 fan. »

Dick Dixon, Chief Technical Officer, MicroManagement IT Consulting, USA

« I just wanted to say that your articles are the main reason I’m still subscribing to Circuit Cellar. They’re *always* interesting, educational and well-written, just what I look for. The very first thing I do when each new issue comes is to look and see if you have an article published. »

Clifford Heath, Sydney.

« Just wanted to thank you for the excellent article you wrote on op amp selection. It’s the most accessible article I’ve read on the subject. Thank you again and keep up the good work. »

Jorge Garcia, Cadsoft Computer, USA

«  just finished reading your article on Op Amps in the October 2015 Circuit Cellar magazine. Thanks for writing this article…it was very clear and helpful. I have been enjoying your articles for many years! »

Michael W. Tucker, Technicom Inc, USA

« The article written by you on COG , X7R, Y5V is an excellent Article – useful information for us to promote usage of COG capacitors across all the Subsea Electronic designs (…). I would like thank you for the brilliant article. »

Mandar Bagul, Senior Engineer/Technologist, GE Oil & Gas , Subsea Electronic, Hyderabad , India

« Thanks for a very informative and entertaining article. »

Dr Steve Krenek, Technical Director, Streat Instruments Ltd, New Zealand

« An interesting article about Vintage Programming Languages. Always enjoy your articles Robert, they are the first that I turn to in CC. »

Charles Kosina, CSE Systems Pty Ltd, Australia

« I really enjoyed your « Information Theory in a Nutshell » Article. It was very understandable even for a retired embedded software engineer! »

James Lynes, USA